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Notebook, eco-friendly "almonds" italian paper
softcover/stitched bound

Penguin, exclusive vintage illustration from eighteen-centuryNotebook "eco-friendly"

Size: 6”x 8”
64+2 pages

Minimum 6 pcs or multiples.

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These "old style"  stitched bound notebooks, have been printed on an antique printing press.
The strong covers are in high quality Italian cardboard of 250 gsm made using in part residues from almonds.
Exlusive vintage illustrations, from eighteen-century, in classic letterpress colors.

Eco-Friendly italian paper
These new eco-friendly papers are made using process residues from organic products to replace up to 15% of virgin tree pulp. By - products from kiwi, almonds and citrus fruits - which would normally be processed as fillers in animal food and fertilizers or simply dumped in landfill - are  among the natural raw materials used.
Elements of each different material are visible on the surface of the paper giving a distinctive texture and appearance.
The papers are FSC certified, contain 30% post-consumer recycled waste and are produced with 100% green energy.
The production process is protected by European patent.

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